Head Wound Halloween Costume Ideas

Head Wound Halloween Costume Ideas

It would be ill-advised to open up your actual skull for this, but luckily Halloween is approaching, so this means you can stop by a party store and get everything you need to make a great fake head wound. If you want to get in touch with your gory side, here are some costume ideas to start with:

• Getting Started

Don't have a lot of cash to burn? Sometimes you can achieve a 3D head wound look with just a bit of makeup. Start with a dark base and add some fake blood dripping down your brow. You can be the victim of a minor accident for Halloween. This could go well with a humorous costume.

• Wound Types

Unless you makeup skills are amazing, using a latex wound kit is going to yield much better results if you're looking for that truly gory, realistic look.

There are different kinds of wounds that you can try as well: bullet holes, stab wounds, road rash. If you've been stabbed or shot with an arrow, you might even want to leave evidence of the weapon on your head. For example, glue the handle of a fake knife onto the latex wound and have some fake blood dripping from it.

Are you really looking to gross people out? In that case, try to find a fake wound kit that comes with bits of fake brains as well as blood, and make the hole in your head look like it's spilling its innards. Using any number of techniques, you'll be sure to scare everyone at the party with a gory head wound.

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