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Kids Skeleton Halloween Costume Ideas

The cool thing about being a kid on Halloween is getting tons of free candy, plus the experience of creating a unique costume. The Skeleton costume is easy to make and only requires a few items.


To start you will need a black long sleeve t-shirt, black leggings or tight black sweatpants, white face paint, black face paint, and a paintbrush.

Skeleton Body

To create the skeleton body, paint the skeleton bones onto the black leggings and t-shirt. This means painting ribs on the chest area and long thin bones throughout the limbs. Then you will have the body of the skeleton costume created. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect. As long as the rib cage and limb bones are drawn, it will be good enough.

Painted Skull Face - As for the skull part of the costume, you should use non-toxic face paint to color in the skull design on your kid's face. Use black paint around the eye socket area and on the nose and white paint on the rest of the face. It is best to get the paint from a Halloween makeup kit that is designed specifically for kids. This will help ensure that it is safe. Otherwise, you can always go with a simple skull mask instead.

Physical Skull Mask

To create the skull mask, you can either illustrate the skull on heavy cardstock paper and then cut it out, or you can print the skull design onto the cardstock paper from your computer and cut it out. The easiest way is to print out the outline of the skull and then have your kid color it in. That way, you don't have to worry about them drawing a perfect outline for the skull.

After the skull is cut out, punch a small hole through each side of the mask and attach a 15-inch elastic cord to each side. You can either tie the ends of the cord to the holes or you can staple them to the sides. Now, your kid can just slip the mask over their face and wear it comfortably on their head.

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