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Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas

Zombies are defined in many different ways, but according to many people who are fans of horror movies and scary stories, zombies are walking dead that have only basic motor and mental function - their only purpose is to walk the earth in search of is food. Of course, we don't have to mention that their favorite meal is human flesh and blood.

It Sounds scary, this is why many teens decide to wear zombie costumes on Halloween. After all, this yearly celebration is all about dark costumes and you can't go wrong if you pick a zombie costume. Thanks to advance technology, people today can wear zombie costumes in different styles and shapes. .

First, use makeup to lighten your skin (and make it look pale or even grayish). You can use some color or ketchup on your lips and around your mouth in order to get fake blood stains. The clothes don't really matter, but if you are wearing a shirt try to make it look messy, leave it out of your pants partially and leave your shoes untied. Of course a ripped shirt can make the effect look more real.

Furthermore, you can behave like a zombie that hasn't eaten for a while. In order to achieve this look, use even lighter colors on your skin (some parts can be white), forget the fake blood and just walk slowly, without expression on your face.

There are many things that lead to the creation of one zombie and one of the most common ways is to get bitten by a zombie. A person that is turning into a zombie has a specific appearance and you can use it for your Zombie costume for Halloween.

In this stage, people are slowly turning into zombies who can be easily seen by the look of their veins (they are becoming darker and more noticeable so use some colors to make them look like that). This means that it is better to use some shirt without sleeves. Emphasize the veins on your neck and face too. Of course, don't forget to highlight the place where you were bitten (in most cases your neck).

While it's true that zombies are dead and not getting older, it is also true that their bodies slowly degrade. So, another good idea is to become a rotting zombie. Expose some parts of the body where you will show your rotten skin. Use stickers that represent open wounds or bones.

Finally, you can use some popular movies, TV shows or games to get inspired for this Halloween costume. For example, try to look like the zombies from the popular game called Plants vs. Zombies or the zombies from the movie World War Z, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later etc. Using some of these costumes for Halloween will surely make this celebration even more interesting.

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